ARTICLE:  He’s Older – Part 2 (The Pro’s)

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ARTICLE: He Is Older

Hello Gurl,

Could you come up with any reason why you or a lady friend would date an older man?

Well, I’m positive if you would keep an open mind and not cringe at the mere mention of “dating an older man”. You would find that, there could be a number of reasons you could generate; whether genuine ones or ones that don’t really hold water. 

Why not take a look at the reasons I could think of; see if they sync with yours…

  • Money would definitely fall on you: that’s the first thought that came to me. What’s your’s?  Dating the “right” older man i.e. he has the capacity to make it rain on you, is the foremost reason why young ladies would consider being in such a relationship. Tempted to judge? Go ahead, but bear in mind that these ladies would be receiving four figure amounts whereas you stay content (which is a good thing) with whatever amount you receiving. Moreover, it wouldn’t be bad to make a lot more in addition the lot you have, right?
  • Trips to the Bahamas: this actually sounds a bit of an exaggeration but it isn’t impossible. I’m sure you’ve heard of ladies being flown to Dubai for the weekend by their Older Boyfriends. Well yeah, be rest assured of expensive trips during holidays when he isn’t working. Get to see places and have stories to tell, experience the best treats which you wouldn’t on any other special day; believe me all that exposure could really be good for you.
  • Words of advice: Oh yeah! These men have gone through most of your hustle and are always ready to give out a word or two of advice. For those who may not be great talkers, observing and emulating their work ethics (staying up late to work on files, punctuality to the work place, interaction with subordinates) could go a long way in making you a better person in that regard. You only need to be looking for this quality too.

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  • No pressure: more often than not, these men have a lot on their plate, they aren’t tolerant for drama. They are mostly interested in your company, your cookie”, and your financial needs. With the exception of few who may be possessive or more demanding of your efforts, most of them are easy to please. Unlike younger guys who would expect you to cook, wash and perform other wifely duties to prove yourself as marriage material.
  • Secured Job: if he’s got the right strings to pull, he could land you a descent job if you want. You may just be lucky if he happens to be the boss of your dream company, right? No need to join the youth unemployment group.

All these benefits with little to no commitment, mouth-watering huh? To get these, be sure he isn’t a stingy Man else it’s going to be a wasted attempt.  Anticipate …He’s Older…Part 3 -The Con’s.

By Amanda Baffour-Awuah (Mhandy Ray)

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