CCMA Embarks On ‘One-trader-one-dustbin’ Policy

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CCMA Embarks 'One-trader-one-dustbin' Policy

Traders in Cape Coast in the Central Region have been urged to keep the city clean following a move to distribute dustbins to every trader in the metropolis.
The Cape Coast Metropolitan Assembly is embarking on a campaign to ensure that waste management in city becomes a shared responsibility.

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Consequently, a policy has been launched dubbed “Wrap Your Waste, Own a dustbin”, which is aimed at providing litter bins to households and traders in the metropolis.

The policy would see additional waste bins stationed at vantage points to help mitigate littering of the streets and markets.

Also, the new policy would ensure that gathered wastes are dumped at the proper sites in a bid to rid the metropolis of filth.

CCMA Embarks On ‘One-trader-one-dustbin’ Policy

CCMA Embarks 'One-trader-one-dustbin' Policy

The Metropolitan Chief Executive Officer for Cape Coast, Ernest Arthur, said the move will help prevent the outbreak of diseases such as cholera.

According to him, keeping the city clean will also help boost tourism within the Cape Coast metropolis.

He urged residents to assist the Assembly to achieve its aim of making the city one devoid of dirt and filth.

Mr. Arthur advised that practices such as littering and open defecation must be eschewed to ensure healthy hygienic conditions in the metropolis.

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