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IMG_2147Fetu Afahye is being celebrated by the people of Oguaa or Cape Coast Traditional Area in the Central Region. This is a yearly event which begins from the 1st of September of every year, features of this festival is the state purification rites which includes the paramount Chief’s Yam festival and is observed in the form of offering mashed yams to the gods.

History behind the celebration of the Fetu-Afahye Festival reveals that during the days of their ancestors, there was an outbreak of a disease  which killed a lot of people.

They prayed to their gods, and as history has it, the gods helped the people to eradicate the disease.  Thus the name “FETU”, which in the local dialect means “Efin Tu” (dirt cleansing). One can therefore say that the festival is about keeping the town clean and preventing a repeat of the epidemic that befell their ancestors.

Aside being the desired destination for tourism in Ghana, the Central Region  is also a home to a great cultural blend and festival celebrations.

During the period, there is a procession of chiefs, drumming, dancing and firing of guns in a unique style in their traditional attire of the various warrior groups and the slaughtering of a cow in public for the 77 gods of Oguaa (Cape Coast).

This festival has the effect of creating in the people a feeling of pride in their cultural heritage and spiritual affinity.

This occasion brings a lot of people together both home and abroad.  Foreigners take this opportunity to come to Ghana to learn and take notes of educational materials.

“Bakatue” another major event within the festival , involves cutting through the sand bar separating the Fosu lagoon and the sea to allow the see get access into the lagoon presumably to bring more fish into the lagoon.

The Omanhene (Paramount Chief) as part of the event, pours libation to the deity, Nana Fosu, Omanhenes’ net is cast three times into the lagoon to signify the lifting of the ban on lagoon fishing.

THIS YEAR-2014 Celebration

This year’s celebration is very packed with a lot of interesting and educative activities that shouldn’t be missed by anybody.

Part 2 of this piece will include all those activities including the “orange Friday carnival” which attracted over thousands of people from around the country.

Hosted by Cape93.3 Fm ,an urban radio station based in Abura,Cape Coast.


– Ekow Simpson (www.cape360gh.com)

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