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To Christian Morgan Of TV3 Talented Kids

To Christian Morgan Of TV3 Talented KidsTo you the hope of disabilities rejoice the dumb

Smile the blind arise the cripple

for disability is not inability

You’ve showed us that “Time no dey”

A pidgin proverbial tense that goes to both

the well being and the disabled

Where knowledge glits from this saying

and uncover the truth

that is hidden in the heart of God


Young talent

Music is about musical note

Your eyes is brightly dark

How do you see to hit the chord of musical dynamicy?

This explain you

The true talent you have

An emerge of the agered

A speech that speaks to all hopeless in their various tents

To come out and explore their gift

God crafted in them

Not to stay in your hut and sober,

Grief till your pains become the laughter of your oppressors


At the moment

I felt it like tears

Thundering my heart to disappear

If I can cause heaven to open your agered eyes

to see how the world smiles at you

You will see how the sun is dancing

and earth is energizing drums of God

for his miracles are walking in the heart of all men


You deserve not to bereaved life

for your future is a legendary story for the generations.

I hail up and bow

Salute you. “Time No dey”

By Atachie Richard Agbalenhrola

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  1. Atachie Richard Agbalenhrola

    God bless you.

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