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“All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts,”

Just as William Shakespeare captures it in one of his most quoted poems, you had the stage to yourself, you played your part, and at the right time, you are exiting Mr Ofori-Amanfo Paul.
You have been in the radio business for so long (your farewell post on facebook. suggest) it has been an exciting one with of course the inevitable occasional struggles. But in all, you can beat your chest now and say, “I played my part”.

Your decision to quit radio at this point of your life, came not as a surprise to me knowing the kind of person you are. You always wants to try something new. You like to experiment and paddle in adventure where many dare move close.

On radio, you did your best and you were good at it. You had your flaws just as i have mine. I had heard the name several times before joining ATL FM. The only impression i had about you in mind before seeing you personally was an “ugly young man with a good radio voice” (but how do you expect me to think of you as good looking when you were a monkey?  )

Radio Personality - Monkey In The ChairThough i cant recall the exact time of our first meeting, i can recall that when I first saw you, the opposite of my earlier perception about you was barred from memory. You looked nothing like a monkey   

You are an outspoken gentleman, a leader, and an inspiration to many. Your days as GRASSAG President of UCC, am told was one of the best moment of the association. Your years on radio has been marked by impeccable successes. The traffic you drew to ATL FM especially on Saturday nights deserves an international recognition.

Messages could troupe in as early as Saturday morning before your time and keeps flowing in to the next day. You were the peoples man!!!! When i stepped in your shoes when you left briefly for Accra, i had a heavy burden on my shoulders because you obviously had raised the standard so high.

I must confess, it was one of the challenging moment in my radio career. But with your own guidance and counsel, i held the fort till you came back. That is the teacher you are, and the leader you have become.

The many people you helped save their relationships from breaking apart. The many times you linked people together and found them soulmates. The many times you spoke truth to expose the ills in relationships and the countless efforts you made to console the broken heart, I say ayekooooo !!!

If for anything at all one thing I am certain about your character is that, you will never shield the truth for anything, you say it as it is and walk away with a clean sheet. Your demeanour puts you in a rightful place as a leader.

Move on Sir!! Keep marching on because greater is ahead. Do not give up for your efforts will be rewarded. We will miss your time on radio. Millions of your listeners will miss you but i know you will soon be serving them on a different platform.

In the next four years, i am very happy that i will be addressing you as Dr. Ofori-Amanfo Paul. Few years ahead from that, i am very sure i will be addressing you as Hon. Dr. Ofori-Amanfo Paul after you have taken your seat in Parliament.

Mo ne adwuma okoa pa nokwafo!!!!!

From your Friend, brother and son!!!
Prof. Kojo Dei
(B.A. MPhill, JD, LLM, SJD)

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