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Today seems to be the week the freshers are to report to the campus (U.C.C) and the kind of questions and pictures coming from both freshers and continuing students is just interesting and you cant stand the amusement.

U.C.C GOSSIPZ is a platform on Facebook that consist of both current and old students from the University Of Cape Coast; This group or platforms gives the students the opportunity to share their ideas, events, grievances as well as humour.

It is a place one cannot afford to stay out of, interesting post with interesting comments and photos. Check some of the post and pictures….

  • It’s only in UCC undergraduates collapses upon reading exam questions….. You’ll bury night study hard for exams, still D’s && E’s awaits you As if that’s not enough, UCC can easily make u commit suicide!!! Add yours let’s go…..
  • the freshers who have reported on campus are more than the people who voted for Mahama
fresher offloading his chop box whiles mum looks on-cape360gh.com
fresher offloading his chop box whiles mum looks on
  • I nd clarification cos I wanna noe if oguaa is no more monkey cos I jxt called a fresh oguaa haller monkey n she said she nt a monkey bt a monk…wen did it become ‪#‎monk‬
  • You have a nagging Galfrn?? OLX, Sell it!

photos freshers U.C.C GOSSIPZ facebook
stranded freshers
  • When you wash your face two times a day with fanta or country milk, pimples will not appear on your face.

UCC has done it again!
Waking up 4-5am in de mornin to write quizzes
Assignment are not easily accessible on de internet..
Exam pressure die3

Enjoy and Laugh Out Loud..

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