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Reggie Rockstone, who is widely credited to be the originator of Hiplife music is the first person heard on the Extended Play (EP). The hearing of his voice invokes a feeling of greatness.

Of course, it is a mark of greatness for the Hiplife Grandpapa to deliver the welcome address for your project. Reggie heightens the interest in the EP to an astronomical level in his address as he outpours a host of compliments on Teephlow in the process. He discloses to listeners that this project by Teephlow seeks to facilitate a high prioritization of lyricism by music patrons in their patronage of rap music. The Fante rap god finally makes an entry to augment the suspense on the introductory piece.

God Bless You

Teephlow melodiously asks for the Supreme Being’s blessings for all persons who have been supporting his craft since he begun his challenge journey. A very admirable thing he did on this song was that he did not alienate his haters or ill-wishers from the class of persons that he sought the Lord’s blessings for. He intimated that the acts or utterances from his haters have encouraged him to persistently strive for success.

Shine ft. BigBen

Teephlow features BigBen on Shine to highlight some struggles he has faced in the industry. He is however encouraged to continue the grind in the spirit of perseverance. An optimism of a shining/blossoming career is expressed on this track. He sprinkles a couple of his brilliant wordplays on the track, as he usually does. “If success (Sarkcess) will manifest (M.anifest) e be through God.” Brilliant isn’t it?

Enter ft. Edem

Teephlow hosts the Volta Regime Music Group (VRMG) Boss, Edem on the next track, titled Enter. This song explains dynamism accurately. It could be heard to be a blend of Hiphop and afrobeats. Ssnowbeatz did an excellent work on that merger. Teephlow and Edem share their experiences with anonymous ladies and also express their desire to satisfy their pleasures with them. Watch the official video for this song below:

Money ft. Episode

It is all about the paper on Money. Teephlow acquires the assistance of talented Dancehall artiste, Epixode to talk money consciousness. Money, which is of course the primary prerequisite for affluence is ultimately desired on this Hiphop record. “Yɛ kↄ tↄ shares wↄ Togo that be safer (CFA).” – Teephlow.

REVIEW Teephlow Phlowducator Lectures Lyricism Phlowducation

Koomi ft. Flowking Stone

Rapper cum Biochemist, Flowking Stone is hosted on Koomi. The variety of rap styles employed by the duo on this track is impressive. These are two rappers who have similar philosophies about rap music. They place wordplays at the upper echelons of their priority scales. It is therefore not surprising to hear the following intelligently conceived lines emanating from them:

“A.M.E. Church fo wↄ feeli me dread nanso mennim dze a me de dze ayɛ wↄn (ZION)” – Teephlow.

“I dey hustle for my bread let the tea flow (Teephlow), forget about the butter (Barter) massa give me dough (money)” – Flowking Stone.

Dede ft. Novo

Dede gives an account of the results of hardwork. It is a typical commercial Hiphop sound which is embellished with traditional hiphop expressions. “Wↄ measure success (SarkCess) noa, wↄ bɛ hu dɛ ɜba rap aa, Phlow be The Highest.” Promising rapper, Novo was featured on this tune. He sounded impressive with some brilliant lines.

Outside ft. Worlasi

Teephlow hires Worlasi to intersperse his verses with some soothing melodies. Worlasi, who has been lending hooks to a host of artistes did his incredible expressions once again. The song is primarily focused on the aims of Teephlow in the rap game. Teephlow discloses that he’s not in the game for the fame but rather to win souls, change hearts, amongst others.

SOA (State of the Art)

Teephlow decides to conclude the EP by ventilating his grievances about Ghana’s music industry. The literal definition of lyricism, which views lyricism to be an artist’s expression of emotion in an imaginative and beautiful way is manifested in this address. Teephlow passionately descends on authorities for doing little or none to galvanize the currently dysfunctional and ineffective structures within the nation’s music industry.


The productions on the EP were generally imposing. The instrumentals were professionally assembled to give Teephlow and the featured artistes very fortified platforms to lay their submissions.  The productions were dominated by Ssnowbeatz and Posigee. The others included Hboo, Lesane Dricks, Two Bars, _Zcarl, Fusha Future and Seshi. They all did an impressive job.

General Views

Teephlow has been widely noted for wordplays by numerous rap patrons. Expectedly, this EP was replete with wordplays. However, after listening to the Phlowducation EP, it is valid to posit that the Phlowducator’s rap abilities transcend the territory of wordplays. He rhythmically employed several literary devices in his verses. The appreciation of literary devices such as puns, alliterations, double entendres, metaphors, hyperboles, similes, and other devices were intelligent. I commend him for the objective that he seeks to fulfill with this project. This EP undoubtedly arouses lyrical consciousness. It is about time music patrons become very particular about lyrics and appreciate brilliantly and carefully conceived lyrics to discourage artistes from releasing hasty lyrically-deficient songs for patrons. Phlowducation represents an advocacy for a reform in this regard.

The project has been doing pretty well commercially since its release barely two months ago. It currently lies 4th on the list of top selling albums on digital music store, Aftwon. Songs like Enter and Koomi have been enjoying some frequent airplays on both radio and TV.

Phlowducation, released under Spyder Lee Entertainment undoubtedly lends enormous credence to assertions that Teephlow is one of the lyrically gifted rappers in the country’s rap game currently. A comprehensive definition of true lyricism can be found on this project. The brilliance Teephlow exudes in the pen game is enviable. On a percentage scale, I will rate the EP 85%. All rap music lovers must definitely listen to this EP. If you are yet to listen to the project, kindly open this link to get an access to it:—teephlow

By Seth Mireku

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