SOSI is NOT Running for NASPA President

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SOSI is NOT Running for NASPA President

Sosi, a presenter at ATL FM has made his intentions known to the public concerning the pending position for NASPA President.

Read what he posted on his facebook wall…

Quite recently, I have had countless people within the Cape Coast Metropolis and beyond asking me if I was running for Cape Coast Metro NASPA President. Initially, I was flattered until I realised the questions were beginning to increase in frequency. I got even more concerned when my colleagues at work queried me on why I had not informed them of my “ambition”. I was completely at sea mainly because I was not on any of the Cape Coast NASPA pages.

My great friend Albert Awortwi Sagoe, as well as my colleague at ATL FM, Jorgina Wendyluv Sakyi, took pain to draw my attention to the possible cause of this genuine confusion. They drew my attention to the fact that a gentleman bearing a similar name to mine was circulating motivational messages as well as messages of information on the NASPA whatsapp pages.

Apparently, the gentleman in the Cape Coast Metropolis by name Theophilus SOSU is running for Cape Coast NASPA President. Coincidentally, I am also in the Cape Coast Metro. He bears the same first name as mine, but the surnames are entirely different. His surname is SOSU and mine is SOSI. We are two different individuals. I am not running for NASPA President, neither have I entertained the thought.

Ideally, this should not have been a problem at all. Yet due to the manner in which people helplessly mutilate or misspell my surname, I think this is a genuine confusion that must be clarified. As co-host of the Region’s most listened to Morning Show, I have had people make various attempts to mention my surname during the call-in segment. I have heard people refer to me as Soso, Sosa, Sasu, Siso and the most common is Sosu. It was worse when I was running for UCC SRC President two years ago as people were new to the name.

Once again let me state emphatically that I am not running Cape Coast Metro NASPA President neither am I running for any other NASPA Executive Position. I wish all the candidates the best of luck.

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