Stonebwoy Is Far Better Than Shatta; Here’s Why

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Stonebwoy Is Far Better Than Shatta

Listen carefully to all the diss songs Shatta wale(shatta movement) ever recorded to other artists; he had core things to say about them. Now go listen to his diss song (No mercy for the cripple) he recorded for Stonebwoy.

He had absolutely nothing significant to say about him. He only talked about him been cripple which we all know is a lie. After a gory accident and stonebwoy still manages to walk like this. Charley, ebi God oo.

Stonebwoy over the years has comported himself very well, both in and outside his career. Is this not the kind of artists we should look up to? Now come to think of it, exactly how much has shatta made more than stonebwoy?

For all you know, stonebwoy is even richer than shatta, just that stonebwoy doesn’t flaunt his wealth.

If Shatta can always brag about money like this, then I’m sure he will say he is also richer than Sarkodie.(which we all know is not possible) Stonebwoy is far better than shatta and this is not up for discussion. What shatta is yet to figure out is, probably he won’t be this relevant, famous and have lots of cash in the next 10years and it is for this reason he should remain humble and put a stop-clock on his “small” lips.

The genre is called dancehall/reggae but it doesn’t warrant an artist to act stupid, radical and talk foolishly to everyone.

Shatta always talking about how much he has made from music like that’s all it is to it, if for money alone, the likes of Jay Z will stop making songs, but they now want respect and wanna receive some encomium to their name. Music should not only bring you money but some respect and dignity to your person.

On this note, I wanna say God be with us all.

-Written by Poko Poko

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