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As a very effective analgesic, an opioid pain medication used to treat moderate to moderately severe pain, the drug: Tramadol has suddenly become a ‘substance’ that some people have decided to abuse together with the existing substances that the nation is working towards its elimination.

As a medicine which used to be prescribed only by experts under strict instructions, suddenly has become easily accessible, hence abused by some people for several reasons. This is a drug that have adverse effects just like any other drug, and these effects are likely to worsen when abused, and possibly addiction.

Most of the people who abuse this drug to my best of knowledge do it without knowing the possible consequences but only do it for their own satisfaction. This is why I personally think that attention quickly be directed there to halt it before it becomes another ‘monster’ to add up to the existing ones currently being fought.

Just like other drugs dispensed under very strict conditions like Pethidine, stringent measures I think must quickly be put in place to curtail this ‘canker’ gradually growing before the abusers start reporting to the various health facilities to increase the existing pressure in there with agitation, confusion, delirium, tremors, kidney failure and the other adverse effects which are likely to happen.

In a tete-a-tete I personally engaged a young guy in, he disclosed that he does not take (abuse) the drug himself but he knows some people do it for ‘satisfaction’ like other substances being abused; and it works as an antidepressant producing euphoria or energy, and are mostly swallowed (capsules) with other substances and or alcohol.

In light of this I personally think that a proper education campaign be initiated quickly to let people know the impending danger that this act can impose on their health.

A drug which has for many years being prescribed and administered safely should not soon become a ‘monster’.
Even though this isn’t news, it is gradually increasing and I do not have to prove this scientifically to be believed.

In a writeup on I came across, I could deduce that this problem has not just emerge but has been widely abused in some parts of the world and Africa, and obviously depicts that it can easily become a monster to scare us and to ruin resources in its fight, hence must be curtailed now.

All health workers and stakeholders must quickly get involved to halt this as soon as possible.

Abusing Tramadol, just like any other drug means destroying your own health.

Be informed !

By Ernest Baah Okraku

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