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CCMA Wrap Your Waste, Own A Dustbin Campaign

Press Release – Monday, 29th January, 2018

The Cape Coast Metropolitan Assembly recognises the importance of a cleaned city to its developmental agenda especially in the area of investments and promotion of Cape Coast as the desired destination for tourism in Ghana. Again, the Assembly is also working hard to achieve an open defecation free city by 2019, a target set by the Regional Minister, Hon. Kwamena Duncan and the Sustainable Development Goal 6, that is achieving a clean water and sanitation by the year 2030.

In view of this, the Cape Coast Metropolitan Assembly in November last year appointed Sanitation and Tourism Ambassadors to assist in the campaign for a cleaned Cape Coast. In furtherance to last year’s campaign, the Cape Coast Metropolitan Assembly has declared the months of February and March, 2018 as Sanitation Awareness months.

During this period, the Assembly through its relevant departments and Sanitation and Tourism Ambassadors, will embark on a special campaign dubbed “WRAP YOUR WASTE, OWN A DUSTBIN”. With the wrap your waste project, parents and guardians are advised to wrap their waste anytime they send their children and wards to dispose waste/refuse.

Wrap Your Waste, Own A Dustbin Campaign Begins Today

This is because, children who are unable to reach the height of skip containers dispose refuse on the ground and the wind blows them into nearby places. Wrapping it makes it easier for the Attendant to collect them into the skip container and prevents it from spreading around. Own a dustbin project aims at ensuring that all vendors who sell in public places have their own dustbins to dispose refuse properly rather than to leave them on the ground which spread and also enter nearby gutters.

During this period of the campaign, the Waste Management Department, the Environmental Health Unit and the Metro Sanitation and Tourism Ambassadors will visit schools, communities and market places to do education on good sanitary practices. Awareness creation using the various forms of the media would also be explored.

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At the end of the campaign on 31st March, 2018, it shall become an offence to sell in public places without having a dustbin or a waste bin and the Environmental Health and Sanitation Officers will prosecute offenders accordingly.

Finally, we wish to announce to the general public that, the first CLEAN UP EXERCISE for the year is scheduled to take place on SATURDAY 24TH FEBRUARY, 2018.

The Management of the Cape Coast Metropolitan Assembly thus wishes to advise all residents to support these programmes to help keep the city of Cape Coast clean and healthy in order to promote development. 

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